Sabic’s ULTEM Film UTF120 Offers Solutions for Professional-Grade Dielectric Film Capacitors

SABIC’S NEW ULTEM™ FILM UTF120 OFFERS SOLUTIONS FOR PROFESSICapacitors are ubiquitous in electrical products, and have many uses in electronic applications and electrical systems. To address the growing need for lightweight, compact, high energy density capacitors able to store  large amounts of electrical energy for long periods of time without significant current leakage and loss of charge even at high temperatures, SABIC is launching a new polyetherimide (PEI) film – ULTEM film UTF120.

ULTEM film UTF120 is a high heat and high energy density dielectric film that meets the most stringent technical demands for use in professional-grade dielectric film capacitors.
ULTEM film UTF120 exhibits stable properties through a range of temperatures (-40°C to 150°C) and frequency, including stable capacitance, good insulation resistance, high dielectric constant (Dk) and low dissipation factor (Df). The wide operating temperature capability of ULTEM film UTF120 based capacitors increases reliability and reduces or even eliminates the need for active cooling for converter applications.

“The successful commercialization of ULTEM™ film UTF120 has enabled SABIC to enter the high temperature film capacitor market. Eliminating the need for active cooling will enable our customers to have a simpler and more flexible system design in electric vehicle application. This is also a stepping stone towards next generation dielectric film products, and provides translation opportunities for ultra-thin film to other application areas,” said Dr. Alan Tsai, director, High Performance Forms, Specialties, SABIC.

ULTEM film UTF120 has excellent metal adhesion, enjoys high temperature dimensional and mechanical stability and is inherently flame retardant. Capacitors using ULTEM™ film UTF120 are capable of passing industry-standard 260°C reflow soldering processes.

Developed to offer excellent handling through metallization, capacitor winding and flattening, it is processable on existing equipment and has been validated with both film-foil and metalized electrodes including flat and tapered metalized electrode designs as well as patterned electrodes.

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