Technical Systems Announces Waterside Economizer Systems for Air Cooled Chillers

RAEWatersideEconomizer-1Technical Systems announces the availability of a range of factory built to order air cooled chiller products that use integral waterside economizer systems. Designed for applications where cooling operations must run all year round, these waterside economizer systems are ideal for owners of data centers, manufacturing facilities, or process loads who want to benefit from partial or free cooling to decrease their utility bills and improve system reliability. They lower the total kilowatts of energy used, reducing utility costs and decreasing customersí total cost of ownership.

Fluid running through the economizerís chiller system is passed through free cooling coils before running through the evaporator. This lets the cold ambient air do the cooling, taking the load off the compressors. Instead of continuing to run compressors for cooling, the waterside economizer makes use of the cold ambient air to do the job. Unlike some other designs, the TSI economizer system is capable of both full and partial free cooling, dramatically improving the hours of free cooling available each year. It reduces the overall kilowatts of energy used compared to typical off-the-shelf commercial chiller products, which may require running compressors all year long.

Technical Systemsí waterside economizer systems are integrated into a single factory built to order packaged system, with all components from a single source. Waterside economizer systems can be tailored to specific site conditions and requirements, simplifying the ordering process and saving time compared to modifying and recertifying other off-the-shelf units.

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