McLean Direct A/C System Offers Heat Removal for Outdoor Enclosures

Pentair Technical Products has announced the McLean Direct Air Cooling System (DACS) for cooling electronics in outdoor applications. DACS is an alternative to closed loop cooling solutions for a range of applications. Utilizing quiet fan-based technology, enclosures equipped with a DACS cooling unit draw filtered ambient air into the enclosure to dissipate heat, enhancing the operation of sensitive electronic components.

The system is available in four standard models, a range of sizes from 29 to 56 inches high and with Hydrophobic GORE and MERV 12 filtration styles. DACS units can be customized to suit many applications. Models are available in aluminum, stainless steel and diverse paint options to compliment individual enclosures. Additionally, with power input options of 24 V, 48 V, 115 V and 230 V, DACS is built to meet individual application requirements.

All models are equipped with a controller to adjust fan speed based on temperature. This control provides soft start and precise current limiting at start up, noise reduction and energy efficiency. The controller also delivers alarm logic so preventative measures can be taken. A composite alarm is provided for high temperature, loss of power and failure of temperature sensor.

Additional features include easy-to-replace filters and variable speed blowers for quiet operation. Constructed to withstand harsh conditions, the system offers operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 55 C, vibration resistance and is UL Type 3R, CE and Telcordia GR-487 capable. This enables the system to deliver reliable cooling in diverse outdoor applications such as telecommunications equipment, kiosks and displays.

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