ACUnit Delivers Close-Coupled Cooling Directly to a Wall-Mount Rack Cabinet

tripplite-wallACTripp Lite has introduced a 2,000 BTU air conditioning unit designed specifically to cool IT equipment in wall-mount rack enclosure cabinets. By providing chilled air directly to the rack, heat-related equipment malfunctions, damage and downtime can be prevented. The unit also filters and dehumidifies air.

The SRCOOL2KWM mounts on top of the cabinet to save valuable floor space and provide close-coupled cooling, saving energy and reducing operating costs. This air conditioner helps solve heat-related problems without requiring a major capital expenditure, a disruptive construction project or costly, time-consuming installation.

A magnetic cooling output vent directs cold air through the perforated front door of the wall-mount cabinet. The SRCOOL2KWM is ideal for sectors such as education and small businesses where wall-mount cabinets are often used to adapt spaces that were not intended to house IT equipment. This air conditioner was designed to operate for extended periods without user intervention, but an optional network management card can be installed to provide 24/7 control from any location.

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