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How Integrated Thermal Protection Technology Can Prevent Solid State Relay Failure in Industrial Systems

Rogelio Castaneda and Oscar Rivera
Sensata Technologies

What do large industrial/commercial HVAC and refrigeration systems, heavy duty transportation, conveyor belts, assembly lines, medical, energy and other complex manufacturing systems all have in common? Motors. Big and expensive electrical motors that, if they overheat, can be damaged or even destroyed. Most large motor driven machinery requires a system attached to the motorís power supply that will sense overheating and turn off the motor to prevent this damage. In many cases, this device is an electrical relay that turns power on and off. There are two main types of these relays Ė electro-mechanical (EMRs) and solid state (SSRs). Continue reading

The Key to Solving the Problem of Thermal Management

Chris Aldham, Product Manager at 6SigmaET

As competition within the fast-paced world of the electronics industry scales new heights, product designers and manufacturers have found themselves under increasing pressure to cut both cost and time-to-market (TTM). The rapid rate at which modern technology is evolving is pushing engineers to create complex designs within a limited timeframe, often driven by marketing-led lines. Continue reading

Five Common Misconceptions about Thermal Design

Chris Aldham, Product Manager

Small, powerful, compact devices have always been at the heart of the electronics industry. But, with the constant demand for shrinking devices comes increased power densities and a lot more heat being generated in ever-decreasing spaces. The smaller the devices get, the more heat-conscious engineers need to be. Continue reading

Fluke Expands the Condition Monitoring System to Include Thermal Monitoring

Easy to Apply Form-in-Place Thermal Gap Filler

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