Heat Pipe Solutions for Protecting Ruggedized Embedded Electronics from Thermal Failure

Bryan Muzyka, Darren Campo, Pete Ritt
Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

Embedded computing systems are widespread throughout industry and especially important to todayís military. These compact, rugged solutions provide significant computing power, data processing and other functionality critical to the success of a given mission. The cost of the electronics of these systems is extreme, and often overlooked is the importance of the thermal management solution. Thermal challenges are intensified by electronics trending toward higher heat fluxes and packaging trending toward less weight and volume. MORE

Minimizing CPU Overheating with Liquid Immersion Cooling

Jason D. Carr and David W. Sundin
DSI Ventures, Inc.

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) generates a great deal of undesirable heat in modern computing systems. The CPU is responsible for processing most of the data within systems and is often referred to as a computerís central processor or simply processor. As data is processed within a system, heat is generated. Once heat thresholds are exceeded, CPUs are placed at risk of malfunction or permanent damage. MORE

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