Pumped Two Phase Cooling Solutions for Challenging Thermal Management Applications

Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

For the past few decades, excellent thermal management solutions have been achieved using well established technologies such as air cooling and pumped liquid systems.  Recently, however several new thermal management challenges have emerged for which these technologies may not be adequate. These applications include high performance lasers which are temperature/wave length sensitive, mobile lasers systems that size and weight limits and medium (kW level) voltage IGBT drives for energy and other power electronics applications.   MORE

Every Electronic Device Is Water Cooled… Indirectly

Dr. Pablo Hidalgo, Georgia Institute of Technology
George Meyer, Celsia

Computers, ovens and even light bulbs rely on water cooling to function; nearly 200 billion gallons a day in the US alone, most of it is fresh water. Some of it, roughly 4 billion gallons, evaporates into thin air each day. In today’s guest blog, Dr. Pablo Hidalgo, a thermal management research engineer at Georgia Institute of Technology, provides an overview of cooling techniques used in thermoelectric power plants and discusses a little used thermal management approach that will help us reclaim one of our most precious resources: fresh water. MORE

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