Industry Standard on Chillers Places More Focus on Part-Load Efficiency

John Peter Valiulis, Vice President, North America Marketing, Thermal Management
Emerson Network Power

One of the most challenging aspects of managing a data center – and there are many – is staying updated and informed on government regulations and industry standards that impact data center operations. While there are numerous regulations and standards of which to keep track, one of the most important regulations that is creating major changes on the thermal management side is ASHRAE 90.1. The 2010 and 2013 versions of these standards, which provide minimum requirements for energy efficient designs for buildings, are having a significant impact on the design of all mechanical equipment for data centers, including chillers. In fact, the 2013 revision is putting more emphasis on part-load efficiency across the chiller market, which is a positive development. MORE

Overcoming the Thermal Challenges of High-Power LEDs

Dr Giles Humpston, Field Applications Manager
Cambridge Nanotherm

The LED industry is heating up – both literally and metaphorically. LEDs are rapidly increasing in power whilst being crammed into ever smaller modules and arrays. Packaging approaches such as Chip-on-Board LED (COB LED) are packing ever increasing numbers of bare LED die directly onto a PCB and covering with a phosphor to create the ubiquitous ‘fried egg’ device. COB LED devices are predicated to make up around 25 percent of the packaged high-power LED market by 2019 so are very much on the ascendant.  There is, however, a problem. The power density of COB LEDs is making thermal management a critical issue. MORE

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