LEDs Go Retro

Cambridge Nanotherm

LEDs have come on in leaps and bounds. But is the incandescent form factor making a delayed comeback?For a number of years, LEDs have been heralded as the new, energy efficient, sexy and must-have lighting source. Encouraged by technical development and legislative drivers, LED lights can be purchased at a relatively low cost from your local corner store about as readily as you could purchase a candle and a box of matches. White LEDs are available in a whole range of temperatures, and colour changing LEDs can produce every wavelength in the visible spectrum. MORE

Solving the Solver: The New Generation of Thermal Simulation

Tom Gregory, 6SigmaET Product Specialist

As consumers demand every smaller yet more powerful devices, engineers are faced with an increasingly difficult balancing act between device size, power, battery life and even environmental sustainability.For those of us working in the field of thermal simulation, the role that thermal management can play in achieving these goals may seem obvious. MORE

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