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Considerations When Designing a Heat Exchanger

Mahans Thermal Products

When you are looking to reclaim heat, remove heat to speed a cooling process, or simply transfer energy from one source to another, a heat exchanger is the right device for the job. Because the purposes for heat exchangers vary so greatly, so do the designs. Consider the processes of sterilization, pasteurization, distilling, crystallizing, or simply just heating and cooling. Some processes require caustic chemicals that must be fully contained, others separate fluids with wall or heat transfer surfaces, and a few others allow the fluids to come into contact with one another. MORE

Cool It Your Way: Versatile Cooling for Electronics Enclosures

Justin Moll, Vice President, US Market Development
Pixus Technologies

Electronics enclosures are used in countless test/analytics/measurement devices for multiple end markets.  This includes various instrument systems in Oil & Gas, Industrial & Power Control, Medical, Lab/Test, and Military designs.   The end applications are too numerous to name.  But, serving all of these types of devices requires a wealth of cooling options for instrument cases.  MORE

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