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The LEDs They Are a-Changin’

Dr Giles Humpston, Applications Manager
Cambridge Nanotherm

LEDs have been around a surprisingly long time. Science project curiosities appeared in the swinging 60′s, and then a decade later the first mass-produced and affordable devices became commercially available. Monochrome LEDs are now manufactured in wavelengths that span the deep UV to far infrared, and the power of white LEDs is beginning to resemble an artificial sun. These accomplishments have been achieved by impressive innovations in LED semiconductor physics and optics. MORE

Thermocouple Conditioning Circuit Design Considerations

Kevin Tretter, Principal Product Marketing Engineer
Microchip Technology, Inc. 

Temperature is by far the most commonly measured physical condition, spanning common applications such as HVAC systems, refrigerators and ovens, to more complex systems such as petrochemical plants and factory automation. In addition to the varying array of temperature sensing applications, there is also a wide range of sensor types, from simple bi-metallic temperature switches to complex, highly-accurate digital solutions. This article will focus on one of the most common temperature sensing elements, the thermocouple, and explore the design challenges associated with this type of sensor. MORE

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