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Five Common Misconceptions about Thermal Design

Chris Aldham, Product Manager

Small, powerful, compact devices have always been at the heart of the electronics industry. But, with the constant demand for shrinking devices comes increased power densities and a lot more heat being generated in ever-decreasing spaces. The smaller the devices get, the more heat-conscious engineers need to be. MORE

Fanless Thermal Solution Design Guide for IoT Applications

Mike Schroeder – Intel Corp IoT Thermal Mechanical Systems Eng.
Jacob Fritsch – Intel Corp IoT Thermal Mechanical Systems Eng.
Erich Ewy – Intel Corp IoT Thermal Mechanical Systems Mgr.

The internet of things (IoT) network of interconnected devices is driving an explosion of integrated-electronic components (IC) for embedded applications. Compute and wireless systems and sensors will be deployed at the IoT edge, where environmental considerations have challenging implications for thermal and mechanical design. In order to function reliably in harsh environments with extended operating ambient temperature ranges, electronics housings for IoT solutions that support low-power components with fan-less designs in sealed enclosures will be desirable. This paper is intended to be a practical guide for the thermal designer to quickly size and implement an optimized fanless thermal solution that is feasible for high volume manufacturing. MORE

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