Economizer Fundamentals: Smart Approaches to Energy-Efficient, Economizer Usage for Data Centers

JP (John Peter) Valiulis, Vice President, North America Marketing, Thermal Management, Emerson Network Power

Dave Kelley, Director – Applications Engineering, Thermal Management,
Emerson Network Power

As data center professionals look for ways to reduce energy usage and lower operating costs, they are looking to economizers as a viable cooling option for their facility. Fueling the interest is the fact that energy codes are being updated to include requirements for economizers in certain regions of the US.  MORE

Commissioning Containment Retrofits for Data Centers

Cary Frame, CEO

The Misunderstood Risk
Adding hot or cold aisle containment to an existing site offers the promise of energy savings, reduced capacity and elimination of hot spots. Containment almost always offers strong return on investment with seemingly little downside risk. The problem is that “little downside” can be misunderstood due to a common view of aisle containment as “put up some walls and turn off some CRACs.” MORE

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