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Coupled Thermal-Electrical Simulations Shed Light on LED Performance

Pier Angelo Favarolo and Lukas Osl – Zumtobel Group
Sabine Goodwin and Ruben Bons – Siemens PLM Software

Light Emitting Diode (LED) manufacturers sort their products into “bins” based on forward voltage, with the purpose of delivering the most consistent light possible. Despite the tight grouping of forward voltages in these bins, manufacturing tolerances continue to lead to significant variations in both current draw and temperatures inside the LEDs, resulting in a range of colors, even within the same batch. MORE

Synthetic Diamond for Thermal Management of Electronic Devices

Q&A with Thomas Obeloer, Business Development Manager
Element Six Technologies’ 

Why is Diamond Considered a Supermaterial?
Supermaterials are called such due to their unrivaled ability to deliver extreme performance across a variety of applications. Diamond has a range of physical and chemical properties that make it one of the most versatile supermaterials on the planet.  For example, a few of these properties include the highest known thermal conductivity, widest optical transparency window, high electrical carrier mobility, chemical inertness, wide bandgap, electric insulation and even long quantum decoherence times for spin qubits. Many of these properties stem from its molecular structure, also key to its exceptional mechanical properties linked to its hardness. This combination of properties combined with new manufacturing techniques means diamond is finding new technological applications across precision machining, optics, electronics, wastewater treatment, sensors and semiconductor industries. MORE

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