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FAQ’s About Temperature Control and Sensor Selection

Thermalogic Corp.

FAQs for Temperature Controls:

Do I need PID or ON/OFF control?
Usually, if your system moves heat quickly (less than a few seconds delay from changing heater power to observing a change in temperature at the load) from the heat source into the area under control or the amount of heat available matches or exceeds dissipation by less than a factor of about 2, then ON/OFF control will give consistently better performance. That is, ON/OFF control will produce less overshoot, smaller deviations from setpoint, and faster warm-up than a PID control without extensive tuning. MORE

Compact Component Models and a Problem of Exchange

Tom Gregory, 6SigmaET Product Specialist

The development and use of compact component models or compact thermal models (CTMs) has been a critical element to produce accurate thermal analysis and simulation of electronic components and assemblies, and not only in the initial design of a system but also in the test and validation phase. MORE

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