Every Electronic Device Is Water Cooled… Indirectly

Dr. Pablo Hidalgo, Georgia Institute of Technology
George Meyer, Celsia

Computers, ovens and even light bulbs rely on water cooling to function; nearly 200 billion gallons a day in the US alone, most of it is fresh water. Some of it, roughly 4 billion gallons, evaporates into thin air each day. In today’s guest blog, Dr. Pablo Hidalgo, a thermal management research engineer at Georgia Institute of Technology, provides an overview of cooling techniques used in thermoelectric power plants and discusses a little used thermal management approach that will help us reclaim one of our most precious resources: fresh water. MORE

Increase Rack Cooling Efficiency and Solve Heat-Related Problems


Cooling tends to take a back seat to other concerns when server rooms and small to mid-size data centers are first built. As computing needs grow, increased heat production can compromise equipment performance and cause shutdowns. Haphazard data center expansion creates cooling inefficiencies that magnify these heat-related problems. End users may assume that they need to increase cooling capacity, but this is expensive and often unnecessary. In most cases, low-cost rack cooling best practices will solve heat-related problems. Best practices optimize airflow, increase efficiency, prevent downtime and reduce costs. MORE

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