LED Technology Benefits from Best Practice Thermal Management Design

Dr. Jack Josefowicz, Thermal Management Consultant
C-Therm Technologies

New advances in lighting, featuring long life light expectancy light source devices, have been shown to have improved photometric performance and energy saving advantages compared to legacy high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting [1]. In recent years, the front runner lighting device has been the light emitting diode (LED). Other light sources such as plasma devices and induction lamps have also seen modern developments for street and area lighting. MORE

Passive Thermal Management of Lithium-ion Batteries Using Phase Change Materials

Joe Kelly, Materials Scientist
Outlast Technologies, LLC

As demand steadily grows for more powerful portable electronics, battery powered tools and electric vehicles, there is a desirable need for battery systems to effectively meet these necessary power and energy density requirements for operation. Because of their energy density, higher voltage and negligible memory effects, lithium-ion batteries are the popular choice for a wide range of applications, especially in portable electronics. However, larger power demands and increasing cell density of lithium-ion battery packs result in higher operating temperatures, especially under peak loads. MORE

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