Meeting the Thermal Management Needs of Evolving Electronics Applications

Hong Min Huang, Chris Lee, Hyo Xi, Yaqun Liu, Linda Shen
Honeywell Electronic Materials

We live in an exciting era of seemingly endless advances in electronics technologies that drive how we work and play. Servers, gaming, telecommunications, tablets, smart phones and countless other devices are core to the modern lifestyle, and so is the expectation for even more electronics innovations, better performance and faster speeds. MORE

Improvements to Thermal Conductivity Using Thinner Die-Attach Film

Richard Amigh
AI Technology, Inc. (AIT)

Die-Attach Film (DAF) adhesive has been around for the last twenty years when it became popular with stack chip manufacturing to achieve larger capacities in 3-D packaging of flash memory devices.  Additionally, using DAF at the wafer-level has become increasingly prevalent in die-attach for memory modules. DAF also insulates die-attach adhesives to properly handle interfacial stresses in stacking chips with bond-lines as thin as 8 to 10 microns or less, achieving even lower profiles. MORE

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