Thermal-Fluid Modeling for Flat Thin Heat Pipes/Vapor Chambers

Mohammed T. Ababneh and Pete Ritt
Advanced Cooling Technologies

Frank M. Gerner, University of Cincinnati 

Rapid and continuous improvement in electronic systems technology has necessitated greatly improved thermal management products and solutions. With these thermal management product advances also comes the challenge of developing more sophisticated modeling techniques to identify and understand key aspects which affect device performance.  MORE

The Five Most Common Mistakes Engineers Make In Thermal Modeling

ThermoAnalytics, Inc.

Engineers and designers are increasingly relying on modeling solutions to prototype, test, prove and experiment as a means to more accurately predict how an application will respond to various thermal conditions. While these methods are designed and promoted to save manufacturers time and money, five common mistakes made during the modeling phase can actually cost you more money, add time to the design cycle, and ultimately hurt product performance. MORE

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