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Disturbed and Scattered, the Path of Thermal Conduction Through Diamond Lattice

Firooz Faili1, William Huang1, Daniel Twitchen1, Julian Calvo2, Martin Kuball2
Element Six Technology

University of Bristol

With more phonons carrying the energy in the lattice, the phonon density of states in diamond extends to a much higher frequencies than that of any other material. This is related to the Debye temperature of diamond, being the highest in any bulk materials and of having the highest sound velocity of any known bulk materials. However, the thermal conductivity not only depends on how many phonons and how fast they are, but also it depends on how long they can travel without being disturbed or scattered.  MORE

Should I Use Heat Pipes or Vapor Chambers to Cool My Electronics Application?

George Meyer, CEO
Celsia, Inc.

I’m often asked which two-phase cooling technology, heat pipes or vapor chambers, is best suited for a particular electronics application. While there are some good rules of thumb the answer isn’t always simple.  Nonetheless, this article aims to provide a solid overview of which two-phase device engineers should consider. MORE

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