Using Air Handling Units in the Data Center

John Peter Valiulis, Vice President, North America Marketing, Thermal Management
Emerson Network Power 

Today’s data center managers are looking for proven, innovative technology that will help provide substantial reductions in energy usage and greater design flexibility with higher levels of IT equipment protection. One such technology is advanced, custom air handling systems. MORE

Building a Meaningful Relationship While Selecting the Best Thermal Interface Material

William Nicholson Jr.. Application Engineer
AI Technology, Inc.

AI Technology, Inc. (AIT) regularly receives requests through our website for the ‘best’ thermal interface material. Generally, the request is from an unknown sender and contains barely enough information for AIT staff to understand the application.  As a member of AIT’s sales team, I obviously want to help but also wonder, ‘how can I recommend a material if I don’t truly know the intended use of the device?’  MORE

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