Benefits of Temporary Wafer Bonding

William Nicholson, Application Engineer
AI Technology Inc. (AIT)

Traditional temporary bonding adhesives have had significant drawbacks in high temperature applications where solvents are present, begging the question, how do you make adhesives that both “adhere” as well as release on demand? You use temporary bonding liquids and films for 3D wafer processing. Temporary wafer bonding for thin wafer processing is one of the key technologies for wafer level 3D system integration.  MORE

Predictive Modeling: The Next Frontier in Data Center Condition Maintenance

Dave King, Senior Data Center Engineer, EMEA Future Facilities
Steve Davies, Product Marketing Manager Future Facilities

Given the fast pace of change within any company, the chances are fairly small that the IT plans created by the design consultant bear any resemblance to the equipment that is actually installed in the current facility. Add to this IT disparity the various energy efficiency drives which will have changed the infrastructure from the original design, and data center managers are left trying to fit square pegs into round holes. MORE

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