Cradle Releases PICLS V2

CradlePILSLate last year, Cradle released the V1 version of its thermal analysis conceptual design tool for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design called PICLS. PICLS (PCB Instant Thermal Simulation) is an easy to use, real-time, PCB thermal analysis tool used by electrical designers to rearrange components on a PCB, or change the board design, and instantly see thermal transfer effects and changes to temperature distributions. PICLS V1 models multi-layer PCBs, foil thickness, and thermal vias. Results can be output as a report or seamlessly imported into Cradle scSTREAM or HeatDesigner for system level analysis.

It is tailor-made for PCB designers. The 2D interface is familiar and friendly to electrical designers.†It is also fast. You can literally watch temperatures change in real time as modifications are made to the PCB.

From a business perspective, PICLS enables Cradle customers to front-load their PCB design process and generate PCB design concepts that are already thermally vetted. Fewer overall system level design iterations are needed, fewer detailed analyses are required, and the evaluation time is shortened. Development speed accelerates dramatically. All of this results in a dramatic reduction in design cycle time.

Cradle just released PICLS V2, which is now called PICLS, whereas V1 is now called PICLS Lite. In PICLS Lite, PCB models must be built manually using basic modeling features. In contrast, V2 has external file interfaces for IDF 3.0, Gerber wiring data, and drill data import. In addition, parts/components created for a model can be saved in the Library for future shared use. V2 can also model plate fin and heat dissipation plate heat sinks.

PICLS is available as a floating license and can also be evaluated using a trial license. PICLS Lite is available license-free by submitting an application form, then downloading PICLS Lite from the Cradle download page and installing the software on a local computer.

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