Denver and the Thermal Industry

Denver and the surrounding area host several industry-leading manufacturers, OEMs and labs working in the thermal industry and related fields.

C&R Technologies

C&R Technologies provides products and services in the areas of heat transfer and fluid system design and analysis. C&R produces software tools that not only help heat transfer and fluid flow design engineers produce analytical answers, but also product design solutions.

HeatWave Labs, Inc. – Rocky Mountain Division

HeatWave Labs is an engineering, design and manufacturing company that specializes in components and assemblies for the vacuum tube and vacuum equipment industries. HeatWave Labs specializes in thermionic electron and ion emitters and guns, vacuum tube design, processing and rebuilding, specialized high purity and refractory materials, UHV sample heating and filament products, temperature controllers and power supplies, ceramics and vacuum envelope assemblies and other related products.

SAES Getters USA, Inc.

Pioneering the development of the getter technology, the SAES Getters Group is the world leader in a variety of scientific and industrial applications where stringent vacuum conditions or ultra high pure gases are required. Based inMilanItaly,  SAES Getters operates 10 manufacturing plants spanning 3 continents and supports technological innovation in the information display and lamp industries, in ultra high vacuum systems, in a wide range of electronic device-based applications, and in the vacuum thermal insulation.

Composite Technology Development (CTD)

CTD develops enabling engineered materials solutions for composites, insulation, adhesives, and coatings for cryogenic, space & other harsh environments. CTD has an international list of clients and customers in markets including: alternative energy; satellite systems; sports and rehabilitation; and aviation and marine systems.

Electronic Materials Inc

Part of Rex-Hide Inc, Electronic Materials has over 15 years of experience formulating and manufacturing UV curable adhesive and epoxy systems for many different industries.  Based in BreckenridgeColorado, EMI products are distributed throughout North America, Europe, andAsiavia a network of independent distributors and representatives.

Instec, Inc

Instec, Inc. was founded in 1984 by a group of pioneering liquid crystal researchers from theUniversityofColorado,Boulder. Today, Instec products are used widely by leading physics and chemistry laboratories worldwide. Instec’s specialty is hot stages and temperature controllers for application in liquid crystal and polymer experimentation.


btechcorp has invented and patented a revolutionary process for aligning fine (2-8µ diameter) continuous fibers through the thickness (Z-axis) of a polymer matrix. btechcorpalso offers custom thermoplastic resin versions of this ACF product to meet unique application requirements.

GEA Heat Exhangers, Inc. - Power Cooling Division

GEA Power Cooling, Inc. incorporates leading technology and lifetime customer support in its wet and dry cooling solutions. GEA aftermarket products and services optimize production, ensure continuous operation and extend service life at minimal cost.


Casey Bergquist is a Manufacturers’ Representative in the Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska panhandle markets serving the OEM, MRO and contractor markets.

Mesa Laboratories Inc, Datatrace Div

Mesa Laboratories, Inc. develops manufactures and markets, high-quality process validation and monitoring instruments as well as dialysis calibration and verification meters, standard solutions and accessories that are relied upon by businesses worldwide. Mesa Lab’s products are used to assure product quality, control manufacturing processes, and to solve problems in niche markets in industrial, pharmaceutical, medical and food processing applications.


Temp TRIP LLC specializes in tracking and tracing products using RFID, bar codes, cellular communication and GPS. Temp TRIP also develops RFID temperature tags and one-button readers for tracking and tracing products.

Horizon Technologies

Horizon Technologies provides leading fluid and material property packages, superconductivity analysis software, heat and fluid flow analysis software. Horizon Technologies also offers expert process analysis and optimization solutions for chemical, environmental, mechanical and petroleum engineering-based industries.

CoorsTek Inc

CoorsTek Inc is one of the largest technical ceramics manufacturers in North America and a custom engineering expert in next-generation technologies.


ThermoComposite  develops technologies which are available to optimize the superior thermal properties of anisotropic conductive fibers such as  carbon nano (CNF) and micro fibers for the dynamic thermal management of heat energy.