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New Class of Graphite TIMs Provide Performance and Reliability

Alex Augoustidis, GrafTech International

Thermal interface materials (TIMs) are a necessary evil in today’s high power density inverter designs. Until now engineers have had to compromise between thermal performance, maximum operating temperature, reliability, cost, and ease of installation. That was then, with the breakthrough of compressible graphite thermal pads the compromises can be replaced with assurance of reliability at bond line temperatures over 130°C with a simple assembly process.


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Using Intelligent Controls to Optimize Data Center Thermal Management

John Peter Valiulis, VP, North America Marketing, Thermal Management
Emerson Network Power

Organizations are currently adopting a number of new thermal management strategies and technologies to remove heat from the data center while achieving capital and operational savings. One of the strategies proving most effective is optimizing existing thermal management systems with sophisticated controls that enable greater efficiency, protection and operational insight.


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Sponsored Announcement

Thermal 2015 Conference Proceedings

We you unable to attend the the Advancements in Thermal Management 2015 conference? If so, then you haven't missed out completely. The show proceedings are available for purchase HERE.


View the Program Guide to see the topics and presentations given at the event and purchase the show proceedings today. .


Thermal 2015 provides a technical forum to discuss developments in technology, market conditions and end-user requirements that are driving innovation, capabilities and features, application trends and performance improvements in the temperature management industry.

New Products

Thermacore Expands Scope of Liquid Cooling Solutions with Intelligent Thermal Management Systems

Thermacore, Inc. has released a new generation of custom, self-contained Intelligent Thermal Management Systems (iTMS) for cooling sensitive electronic hardware. The iTMS is based on the liquid cooling system technology developed by Thermacore for challenging military applications. - Read More


Pentair’s SpectraCool Air Conditioner Specifically Designed for Hazardous Locations

An air conditioner specifically designed for hazardous locations has been launched by Pentair’s Equipment Protection division. Hoffman’s SpectraCool Hazardous Location air conditioner has a patented and differentiated nonincendive design that eliminates sources of ignition arising from the functioning of the A/C unit. - Read More


Emerson Network Power Announces New Thermal System Upgrade Products, Services and Tools

Emerson Network Power has announced enhancements to products, services and tools to help customers implement data center thermal upgrades, addressing demands for increased thermal system protection, improved efficiency, added capacity and operational insight. The enhancements are available in North America. - Read More


ECU and Embedded Systems Cooling

Electronic Control Units (ECUs) are the brains of modern vehicles. As engineers push the limits of performance, safety and passenger comfort they can pack nearly 100 embedded systems into a single, mobile platform. - Read More

Industry News

IDTechEx Research Assesses the $1.3 Billion Market for Thermal Interface Materials

Everyone wants portable products. Miniature high density circuits, often housed in airtight enclosures are required, so we can use our devices everywhere, including in wearable technologies. Heat management is therefore a big problem, particularly as the trend of consumers demanding smaller, faster operating electronics continues. - Read More


Angstron Materials Secures Investment Dollars to Expand Business

Angstron Materials Inc. has secured $5 million in capital to increase manufacturing capacity for its single and few-layer graphene materials and bring key technologies – like its thermal management products -  to market. The company began seeking Pre-Series A funding in late 2014. - Read More


Dow Corning Earns 3D InCites Award for Thermally Conductive Gel for Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Applications

Dow Corning has garnered a 2015 3D InCites Award for new Dow Corning TC-3040 Thermally Conductive Gel, a silicone-based thermal interface material (TIM 1) designed to manage heat and support reliable performance for advanced semiconductor flip chip applications. - Read More


RTP Strengthens Thermoplastic Compounding Offering with Polymer Partners Acquisition

RTP Company has announced the acquisition of Polymer Partners, LLC, a manufacturer of black concentrates and specialty compounds located in Henderson, Ken. The organization will be an integral part of RTP Company in the production of custom thermoplastics, with a special focus on black masterbatches and carbon black compounds. - Read More


Event Listings


IoT West Program Announced

The Internet of Things West conference has announced its 2015 technical program. The event will host an array of IoT experts from companies such as Cisco, Oracle, IBM, Schneider Electric, Jagaur Land Rover, Beckhoff Automation, B+B SmartWorx and many more. This event provides a forum to discuss new developments in technology, market conditions and end-user requirements that are driving innovation, capabilities and features, application trends and performance improvements in M2M, connectivity/telemetry, machine intelligence, and the IoT industry.

Visit the Event Program Page for More Information


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