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Taking the Heat Out of Measuring Thermal Conductivity

Dr Giles Humpston, Cambridge Nanotherm

The critical importance of quickly removing heat from electronic components is well documented. In the case of LEDs allowing a design to ‘run hot’ drastically reduces component lifespan and significantly increases the risk of catastrophic component failure. Conversely, if the heat can be managed and removed from the LED quickly enough then designers can run LEDs at a higher power: producing more heat but also more light. Ultimately this can mean using fewer LEDs and smaller substrates to generate the same number of lumens, helping to drive down the overall BOM.


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Sponsored Announcement

Advancements in Thermal Management 2016 Announced

The 2016 dates have been announced for the Advancements in Thermal Management Conference. Being held August 3-4, 2016 in Denver, Co., this event educates attendees on the lastest advancements in thermal management, temperature mitigation for electronics packaging, air and liquid cooling, thermal materials, temperature sensing and control, system design and management for optimizing thermal properties.


Be sure to sign up to exhibit and/or submit your paper for consideration on the program as soon as possible!

New Products

Malico Inc. Liquid Cold Plates

Liquid cold plate is one of the most common liquid cooling solutions.   Air cool solution has performance limit of ~0.1 C/W while liquid cooling solution can reach performance limit of one magnitude lower, ~0.01 C/W (typically around 0.03C/W – 0.06 C/W)!


Malico works with customers to design and manufacture cold plates that meet their specific application and budget.    Our proprietary brazing process allows us to offer light weight aluminum cold plates cost effectively.  When higher performance is required, we would suggest aluminum-copper or copper-copper cold plates.   


Our high-end pin-fin embedded water block cold plates outperform our competitor’s.  The water block fin structure is formed one-piece, so there is no contact resistance between base and fins.  Heat from heat source is transferred to fins and carried away by liquid effectively.  It can be customize easily in size and height for different applications.  Our unique dual-water channel design helps our customer not only to reduce cost but also save precious space in the system.

Malico understands quality is key for liquid cooling.  Each of our cold plate goes through many leak and pressure testing during manufacturing processes.   Before mass production, we will test the cold plates with rigorous thermal shock and temperature cycles to assure long term reliability of our brazing quality.


With every manufacturing process done in-house, Malico has best control of quality and lead time.  Our vertical integrated lines allow us to support both low and high volume productions.


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Solve TC Fabrication and Attachment Problems Faster, Better, at Less Cost

DCC's HotSpot capacitive discharge welders master standard thermocouple welder functions, and with optional hand held fixturing and welding tools facilitate simple spot, stud, and pin welding functions. 


DCC's HotSpot welders form thermocouple wire into freestanding beads or attach them to metal surfaces. HotSpot units provide quick, simple, accurate low cost thermocouple fabrication on a “when needed, where needed” basis.  Actual fabrication time is a fraction of a second and the short recycle interval, even at full power, will allow you to make 6 or more welds a minute, even quicker for ordinary gauge thermocouples.


Solve multiple bench welding requirements with one basic CD welding unit. Our HotSpot, HotSpot II and HotSpot Plus units give you a choice of options suited to your specific needs. See video of welder operations at  Put this flexibility to work for you.

Corrosion-Resistant Active Cooling Unit Provides Compact Solution for Outdoor Equipment

An active cooling solution for small outdoor electronics and instrumentation equipment cabinets sited in hot climates has been launched by Intertec. The company believes that its new MULTICOOL 1100 cooler is the first to feature a GRP (glass reinforced polyester) housing that is inherently resistant to corrosion. - Read More


Reworkable Edgebond Adhesive Dramatically Enhances Board Level Reliability of Area Array Packages

A new approach to enhancing the board level reliability of area array packages was presented at the recent SMTA International.  John McMahon, et. al. presented work, performed at Celestica, that demonstrates that a reworkable edgebond adhesive takes a 55-mm LTCC CBGA out to over 3,000 cycles of 0ºC to 100ºC cycling without failure. - Read More


Thermal Engineering Associates Introduces the TMM-100

Thermal Engineering Associates has introduced a new temperature measurement instrument, called the TMM-100, for  thermal evaluation and testing applications. - Read More

Industry News

Sapa Granted Modular Heat Sink Methodology Patent

Sapa has been granted a key patent related to its modular heat sink manufacturing method. Sapa’s North American Technical Center (NATC), an internal research, design and development center, created the new method of manufacturing high ratio heat sinks that are approximately eight percent more thermally efficient than the industry standard. - Read More


Investments of About €3 Billion Create Growth Prospects for Osram

The shift in the lighting market toward semiconductor-based technologies is creating new growth opportunities, which Osram will consistently seize. To this end, the lighting company will invest around €3 billion in new technologies and applications by 2020. - Read More


Calling All Industries: Get Your Graphene By The Kiloton

Graphene has the potential to fully charge your phone in five minutes, cool electronics, clean up radioactive waste, create a super strong artificial limb or make ocean water drinkable.  Until now large scale adoption of the material has been stymied by limited production capabilities and a high price tag. - Read More


ASMPT and SPIL Announce Joint Investment Venture in Molded Interconnect Substrate

ASM Pacific Technology Limited (ASMPT), and Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd. (SPIL) have entered into an agreement to establish a joint investment entity to develop and manufacture molded interconnect substrates (MIS). - Read More


Event Listings


Battery Power 2016Battery Power 2016 Call for Presentations

Battery Power 2016 is currently accepting abstracts. The international event is focused on latest developments and technologies in the battery industry, including  mobile, wearable, stationary, critical power and EV battery technology, as well as battery manufacturing, materials and research & development. Topics will include new battery designs, improving power management, predicting battery life and regulation and safety issues. Other topics include OEM/end user requirements, battery authentication and market trends.


The conference provides an excellent forum to discuss new developments in technology, market conditions and end-user requirements that are driving innovation, capabilities and features, application trends and performance improvements.


End-users presenting about any innovative project they may be involved in will be given priority on the show program.


Deadline to submit an abstract is December 10th. Click here for additional information.


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